Hazrat Zakaria (Zachariah) (Alaihis salam)

Hazrat Zakaria (Zachariah) (Alaihis salam)

Hazrat Zakaria (Zachariah) (Alaihis salam)

Hazrat Zakaria (Zachariah) (Alaihis salam). Among the great and noble figures in history was Hazrat Zakaria alaihis salam. One becomes interested in thinking when they are inspired by his life and his teachings.

As stated in the Sura e Ale Imran:

When Zakaria prayed to his Almighty God, “O Almighty God, bless me with a chaste child,” You are undoubtedly the one who created all prayers and the great hearer of them. As he stood for the Adytum’s adoration, an angel exclaimed, “O Zakaria!” The Merciful God informs you of the good news of a son, Yahya, who will be the prophet who would deliver the people from their turbulent and unbridled life.

What happened historically:

It is unknown what Hazrat Zakaria Alaihis Salam’s family tree is. The Taurat, or the divine book of Musa alaihis salam, makes no reference of it at all. The Daryush lived during the same era as Zakaria bin Barkhia, according to a Christian text. This book recounts the story of Omar ibn Khattab’s captivity in Jerusalem. Keeping watch over the Aqsa mosque was Hazrat Zakaria alaihis salam. His prayer for a child was granted when he and his spouse begged the Merciful God for one when they grew old.


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wishing for a boy

As he got older, Zakariya started to worry about who would preach the word of God after him and handle the day-to-day operations of the temple. Zakariya began pleading with God to give her a boy. Seeking a kid wasn’t the only reason people prayed for a child to be born.In addition to praying for the people, he prayed for himself since they were in need of a messenger—a man of God—to continue Zakariya’s job in the Lord’s service. Character and virtue were qualities that Zakariya valued above all else, and he wished to pass them on to his spiritual heir. Restoring the home for the next generations was his desire.

Bringing up Yahya


Zakariya received a son as a gift from God, John (Yaḥyá Arabic: يحيى), a name that was picked out especially for him. Muslims claim that Zakariya was informed about John’s birth when he was ninety-two years old[3].

Protector of Maryam

Maryam was under the protection of Zakariya, according to the Qur’an. According to the Qur’an,

3:35 I will gladly accept your service. In reality, you are the only one with all hearing and knowledge.
3:36 After giving birth, she exclaimed, “My Lord! I am a mother of a girl, and Allah knew exactly what she had given birth to. The male and the female are not the same. I have named her Mary, and I pray that You would keep the accursed Satan away from her and her progeny.
3:37 So her Lord gladly received her and blessed her with a happy childhood, giving her to Zachariah to tend to. Every time Zachariah went to see her in the sanctuary, he discovered that she was well-fed. “O Mary!” he cried out. What is the source of this? She answered, “It comes from Allah.” Indeed, Allah gives unrestricted provision to whoever He pleases.

Zakariya attempted to flee the Children of Israel after learning that his son Yahya had been beheaded. Historians claim that when a tree miraculously opened, allowing Zakariya to hide within, a tiny piece of clothes unintentionally protruded. When Satan, Shaytan, noticed this, he seized the chance. Assuming human form, he revealed to the Children of Israel Zakariya’s hiding place. Zakariya suffered a horrible death when the army chopped down the tree as a result. Certain individuals claim that he passed away at the age of 130.


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