Hazrat Shees A.s ki History

Hazrat Shees A.s ki History

History of Hazrat Shees A.S.

Hazrat Shees A.s ki History.The third child of Prophet Adam Alaihissalam was Prophet Shees (Seth) Alaihissalam. Adam Alaihissalam felt deeply when Qabil killed Habil. At the appropriate age for marriage, Habil was a good and moral son.

Adam Alaihissalam begged Allah SWT to give him a good son who would assist him in promoting the authentic religion.

His pleas were heard by Allah SWT, who bestowed upon him a lovely son. When Shees alaihissalam was born, Adam alaihissalam was 130 years old. Shees (alaihissalam) was his given name. Seeth, from Seesh, signifies gift.

As Ibn Katheer put it:


Shees means “the gift from Allah”; they called him Sheeth because they were fortunate to have him after Habil was dead. Qisas Ul-Anbiyaa

Following Adam alaihissalam, Shees alaihissalam rose to prominence as a prophet.

loved deeply his kid Seesh alihissalam.


Adam alihissalam cherished his son Seesh alihissalam. The most attractive of his sons, Seeth alaihissalam shared characteristics with Adam alaihissalam. He was one of the Prophets who had his circumcision at birth.

The Holy Quran mentions Prophet Shees alaihissalam.

The Holy Quran mentions Prophet Shees alaihissalam, though not by name. He is, nevertheless, referenced in hadeeth, where Prophet Muhammad SAW states: “50 of these scrolls were revealed to Prophet Shees alaihissalam, and Allah SWT revealed 100 scrolls and 4 books.”


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The first prophet to receive a revelation from Allah SWT.

Shees alaihissalam received guidance and instruction from Adam alaihissalam on how to be a decent person and adhere to the genuine religion. He gave him instruction on how to recognise and honour Allah SWT at various times of the day. Make careful who you marry, he told him. To ensure morality in their offspring, he advised him to choose a devout bride.

At 930 years old, Shees alaihissalam and this world.

Adam alaihissalam, at 930 years old, left this earth and his beloved son Shees alaihissalam. Instructing others to follow him, he named Shees alaihissalam as his heir. Shees al-aihissalam was warned by Adam al-aihissalam to avoid Qabil and his adherents since they were idolaters and disbelievers.

went in his father’s direction.


Following his father’s example after his death, Prophet Shees alaihissalam did his utmost to lead people to the correct path.

Maintained his instruction:


Islam’s morals and transgressions were reiterated by Prophet Shees alaihissalam, who also carried on his teachings. Nevertheless, a large number of his people began to wonder why they were being barred from socialising and attending parties with their relatives. Only a handful of them had previously fallen into Iblis’s trap by surreptitiously observing their women and parties. Beautiful ladies from Qabil captivated guys with their beauty, making them happy to see such attractive men. For the first time in human history, adultery and music were committed together, and people committed sin as a group, when non-mahram men and women mixed in Zina.

Shees’s fan base began to appreciate the song.

A portion of Shees alaihissalam’s followers lost sight of the true path as they became engrossed in music and parties with attractive young women. After returning, they filled the other men in on everything. You guys are supposedly losing out on a tonne of fun. Because of their larger communal involvement in immorality, people became more deviant and committed more transgressions.

912 was the age of Prophet Shees alaihissalam’s death.

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