How Reading Books Can Earn Us Money Online

How to read books for pay

How Reading Books Can Earn Us Money Online ,Reading books aloud for pay is possible through a variety of internet resources and businesses. Various platforms have distinct areas of expertise, provide audiobooks in many languages, or collaborate with narrators of varying degrees of expertise. Finding high-paying audiobook narrator employment may be facilitated by being aware of the platforms you can work with and making the proper choice. Your career as a professional voice actor might take off if you have a fantastic voice. You could go on to do voice-over work for video games, e-learning, and commercials.

To get you started, consider these platforms:


1. Creative Exchange for Audiobooks (ACX)

One of the most well-known websites that compensates users for reading aloud from books is ACX. Your narrated books on this site can also be found on other well-known platforms like Audible and iTunes. Register for an ACX account to get going. After that, set your hourly pricing and add quality samples to your profile in accordance with ACX requirements. This might facilitate your work’s evaluation by publishers and authors.

2. Horns

Audiobook narrators may work with popular businesses like The History Channel and Shopify through Voices. Record many excellent demonstrations and audio samples to get things started. Make a Voices profile after that to upload them and search for available positions. Videos for education, ads, and podcasts may fall under this category.

3.To get money while reading books, write book reviews for blogs.

Writing an e-book tribute is one of the best ways to monetize your reading hobby. Making money from books is a terrific way to use blogs. Since posting once or twice a week is less time-consuming than creating videos, you may gradually build a following by doing this as you read and review books.

4.Publish book-related content on Medium.

Royalty payment terms are available on Medium. Your article is rewarded with a tiny percentage of the monthly membership price of each paying Medium user who views it. More views bring in more cash.

5.Podcast away, darling.

Like BookTok or Bookstagram, podcasts allow you to earn money by reading books, but all they capture is your voice—not your face.


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6.Jungle of Sounds

Voice Jungle focuses on narrating podcasts and creating audiobooks for the e-learning sector. Make sure you satisfy the prerequisites before applying for a job with Voice Jungle. This includes being able to finish jobs in a day if needed and having a home studio.

7.VO Planet.

VO Planet, a 1967-founded company, collaborates with experienced voice actors to produce audio files for clients fast. VO Planet will review your profile before you may audition for a large range of jobs on our site. A professional studio equipped with recording equipment should be available for you to use before you begin. Submit a couple excellent demonstrations together with your application for evaluation.

8.Start a literary agency.

It is a possible professional path. If you ask me, reading books is a pretty romantic way to earn money. It is your responsibility to choose the best unread writings and to polish them. There was a literary agent who saw potential in each and every one of your favorite works long before you did.

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